Roof Repairs For Residential Homes

Even the best roof will eventually develop problems that need to be addressed before they become serious and compromise the integrity of the roof system. Shingle damage is one of the most common issues we encounter, including missing shingles blown off by a storm or shingles that have been damaged by hail or falling branches. If only a few shingles are missing or damaged, replacing the shingles is an affordable and easy way to restore your roof. Other roof repairs we perform include tile replacement, soffit repair, flashing repair, and leak repair. Don't allow roof problems to continue as the damage may become more severe than it seems and lead to far greater costs or even require re-roofing rather than repairs. Regardless of the condition or age of your roof, we offer affordable and effective roof repair options for all types of roof issues.

Residential Roof Patching

Don't give up on your roof. Unless there is serious water damage or the framework is damaged, your roof can likely be patched if only a small section of the roof has sustained a leak. Patching your roof may be the best option when roof replacement is not necessary and the issue is a quick fix. Minor leaks can usually be solved with a patch job as long as your whole roof is not at the end of its lifespan. In some cases, a patch can also be used to help your roof last a bit longer while you save up or prepare for a new roof. Our roofing experts will inspect your roof and determine how to patch the problem for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. At Moriarty Roofing, we take pride in offering high-quality roof repairs with premium materials to extend the life of your roof and stop water damage.